MultiProject Customfield

🔗 Multi Project Picker field allows you to reference multiple projects inside a Jira issue field.🌐 Making project management a breeze. 🚀

Link issues with multiple projects

Multi project custom field allows Jira users to mention multiple Jira Projects via a multi-select drop-down

Limit selectable by Project, Categories & Types

bit the selectable projects in the drop-down using different schemes, either listing project by project, or listing multiple categories or listing project types.

Build complicated JQLs using (is,in, and =)

upports advanced JQLs that includes ( is, in and = ) operators to allows unlimited searching capabilities

Sara Al-Swidani


This plugin is a simple and awesome addition to Jira. It's a game-changer for our team's project management. This feature makes it so much easier to visualize and manage multiple projects within a single-issue field. It's especially helpful for new users who need to differentiate transitions from other elements on the screen. A real time-saver!




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